Net-Zero Farmhouse

After a year of fine-tuning work has begun the NET-ZERO Farmhouse where our goal is to produce as much energy as we consume and hopefully more! Our approach here is an extremely tight and energy efficient envelop with triple pane windows, natural lighting and ventilation, and highly energy...Read More

Original Bookcase?

I enjoy books and over the years have collected quite a few, from slim paperbacks to oversized architecture tomes, but my partner and I recently moved into a house that offered no place to visibly store them. After a semi-exhaustive search, we identified a freestanding unit with potential, but...Read More

A Walk in the Woods

When my husband, Deane and I went for a walk in our woods a few years back, I needed to look down so that I could step over stones and the underbrush without getting tangled up and losing my balance.  Deane on the other hand, had his head tilted up and back.  As usual he found his...Read More


Since 1983, SALA has opened new possibilities through architectural design for clients and projects of every scale and sensibility. Our team of project architects and staff professionals work collaboratively to uncover ideas that contribute to the beauty and function of all that we create. The...Read More