SALA Architect Marc Sloot

Net Zero Victorian Q & A: Part 3 – Why, How & Cost

Welcome back to Net Zero Victorian Q&A once again. Today I will address the following questions: Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Dale Mulfinger’s “The Family Cabin” Book Events

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Meet with Dale Mulfinger and pick up a copy of his latest book, The Family Cabin, at any of these book events! Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Architectural Photography: Let There Be Light (just not too much)

Architectural photography is an art and a skill honed through years of experience that I am not qualified to explain, but on a recent photo shoot I was reminded of a few challenges worthy of illumination. In this case, it was my own recently completed kitchen that was the subject. Read More

Two Net Zero SALA Homes on the MRES Sustainable Home Tour!

Join us Saturday, October 7th from 10am-3pm on the MRES Sustainable Home Tour, a free, self-guided event designed to spread knowledge of sustainable living practices. Read More

Net Zero Victorian Q & A: Part 2 – What Is Net Zero?

Welcome back to Net Zero Victorian Q&A. Today I will address the following questions: Read More

SALA Architect Marc Sloot

Net Zero Victorian Q & A: Part 1 – Design Strategies

Having a house on the Homes By Architects Tour (HBAT) is always one of my favorite things to do. It is such an exhilarating way to connect with the hundreds of different people from the community that attend the tour, answer questions and hopefully expand what they previously thought was possible to improve their own homes. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

The Light Behind Shadow Box Design

The greatest gift a client can give an architect is trust. Chris Meyer, co-designer, and I, felt the responsibility of this gift as we delved into our work on this substantial project. Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

Net Zero In Disguise: A Net Zero Victorian

A Net Zero Victorian- you didn’t think those words belonged in the same sentence! Phrases like sustainable design, LEED Platinum, and energy efficiency all bring to mind a certain aesthetic for a building… or do they? Read More

SALA Architects Katherine Hillbrand Marc Sloot Eric Odor

SALA Architects on the 2017 Homes By Architects Tour!

It’s time to begin planning your route for the 2017 Homes By Architects Tour September 16th and 17th! Read More

SALA Architect Jody McGuire

Guest Post!: Making An Urban Rooftop Paradise

We’re very pleased to have one of our clients for this guest post! Jody McGuire’s client Steffanie Musich has written a wonderful summary of her and her husband Matt’s experiences tranforming their garage roof into an urban paradise. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Sweet Dreams At The Cabin (Repost)

Sleeping at the cabin has often been a memorable experience, particularly for children. They’re often asked to sleep in the bunk room with their cousins, or on the screen porch on an impromptu bed set up near the wood stove. But for the child in all of us it’s fun to present some unique sleeping experience at the cabin. Read More

Stone, Wood, Glass and Steel: Centuries of Architecture in England

Architecture certainly has changed since 1220! On a recent trip to England I was lucky enough to both avoid the rain and see some of the country’s finest architecture. Read More