Lapensky Transformation

Designed by Joseph Metzler

with Marc Sloot

The Owners of this mid-century rambler did not want to move because they loved their location.  But they needed a house that had a little more space for their growing family.  They were also interested in having a house that fit into the neighborhood better.  After having a design-builder suggest a scheme that did not excite them, they came to SALA for help.


Finding a way to preserve the existing house is a very green building strategy, as is choosing to add a second story to increase usable space. The latter was a challenge, particularly due to zoning restrictions but ultimately was achieved through a creative response to the zoning requirements. The existing house was already over the setback of on the north, which prevented any extension in that direction of any part of the house, including the rain gutter. In fact a variance was required just to add a gutter on that side, since there was not one there initially Another variance was required to enclose the sunroom off of the master bedroom.

Photographs by SALA Architects