Now and Then

Designed by Katherine Hillbrand

This home, located in the historic village of Marine on St. Croix, sets aside distinctions between modern and traditional, referring instead to continuities over time, highlighting correlations between the past and the present. The village cherishes and tries to preserve its historic structures, but sadly, the original Puritan cottage built on this property in the late 19th century was beyond repair.

It was documented, razed, then reincarnated in its original place, complete with the same uncomplicated symmetry and pristine form appearing as a single discrete dwelling. A new and darker link, slipped into the rear of this single luminous form, extends horizontally to join together separated gable roofs over the living, kitchen, and bedroom wings.

Each space within serves a specific function, yet remains open-ended and flexible. Taken as a whole, there is a sense that this place exists on a continuum, conversing with the past, relevant in the present, and open to the future.

Construction by Cates Fine Homes
Photographs by Troy Thies