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Designed by Katherine Hillbrand
Technical Assistance and Drafting by Donald Rowe, Rowe’s Work

The ultimate significance of this home comes from a dynamic exchange between sensible materials being put to good use and organic thinking. Setting aside any stylistic rules, it reveals a devotion to originality in its versatile response to context, point in time, function and sustainable building objectives.

Asymmetrical gables define distinct living areas and are connected by horizontal roofs that support drought-tolerant vegetation. Each space serves a specific function, yet the spaces are somewhat open-ended and flexible, eliminating the need for additional square footage. Formed concrete walls rely on the subtle texture left from the imprint of boards used to form the concrete for a sculptural finish. Durable concrete floors are polished to a high gloss, revealing the nature of embedded stone aggregate. South-facing windows and skylights mark the passage of time and enliven the rooms with natural light and solar warmth.

Structural Engineering by Jerry Palms, ArchiStructures
Photographs by Troy Thies

2010 Homes By Architects Tour