Sunfish Lake Residence

Designed by Wayne Branum

with Timothy Old and Jessica Wilder

The program for this residence established a relatively large footprint requiring detailed site evaluation by the design team to satisfy the community’s design review requirements and the clients desires for a quiet energy efficient envelope, passive solar gain and good views from the site. Based on the program the house was sited at a higher elevation on the site with southern exposure, good distant views to the west and sheltering woods to the NW and NE.

The owners are artists, one works in fiber arts and the other photography while also a practicing physician. The studio spaces, an indoor wave pool and accessibility through out the main floor stretched the building on a north south axis.

Our compositional and aesthetic goals were in the direction of simple forms, rooted in a farm vernacular but contemporary in feeling. The house was broken into two gable forms linked by a lower connecting element with a portion raised to accommodate more sleeping. The masses were also clad in only two materials and two colors to help articulate the building forms as smaller more individual elements. The materials were also selected to minimize maintenance. High efficiency building envelope was utilized as well as sound attenuation to minimize aircraft noise.

Construction by Anderson/Wallin Construction
Landscape Design by Jason Aune, Aune Fernandez L.A.
Photographs by Troy Thies