Bark Siding is Back

One of the historic building products appropriate to cabins that has returned to the market is bark siding. Once popular to rustic lodges and cabins in the 1890’s to 1920’s it then disappeared due to blight in the chestnut trees from which it was harvested. Recent growth of yellow poplar has created a substitute product which is now available to the market through Bark House in North Carolina.

Dale Mulfinger Bark Sample SALA Architects

Dale Mulfinger SALA Architects Bark Book




An excellent book, Bark House Style, by Chris McCurry and Nan
Chase records the history of possibilities of this product.



At SALA Architects we are now in our second lake home project, both in Wisconsin, where this product is used. The Drawbert home near Hayward Wisconsin is an addition remodeling where the bark siding and white trim helps transform the original ranch style home into an elegant, rustic lake home.
Dale Mulfinger Bark Siding
Dale Mulfinger Bark Siding SALA Architects

The Cervenka home near Boulder Junction Wisconsin is a new structure where the bark siding and moss green windows help establish its lodge like character.
Dale Mulfinger Bark Siding SALA Architects
Dale Mulfinger Bark Siding SALA Architects