Red Wing Shoes

Designed by Michaela Mahady

and Maury Stenerson

The flagship store of the Red Wing Shoe Company is located on Main Street in Red Wing, Minnesota, among a row of historic brick storefront buildings dating from the late 1800s. The original building at 317 Main Street was a tall brick infill building; the main floor was used as a bakery.  Fire destroyed that building, and it was replaced by a one story high Ben Franklin store, occupying 2 adjacent storefront sites.

The design of the new Red Wing Shoe facility fulfilled two primary objectives:  to develop a taller brick, limestone, and glass facade to fit within the context of the historic buildings to the west, and to create a space at the front of the store which would accommodate a small historic museum space, and the World’s Largest Boot (16.5′ tall, 7′ wide, and 20′ long).  Beyond, in the remodeled main and lower levels of the Ben Franklin, are displays of merchandise of the Red Wing Shoe Company: boots, shoes, clothing and leather ware.

Construction by Ryan Kutscheid Construction
Photography by Troy Theis

Minnesota State Heritage Preservation Award, 2013