Northrup Residence

Designed by Paul Hannan

When first meeting with the owners, two major project goals were identified. The first was to create a gracious entry for guests as well as for the family. Secondly, with four family members playing stringed instruments they needed a place to play and to store and display their instruments.

While evaluating the existing conditions it was determined that the existing living room was largely unused but occupied a prime area of the home. The design solution was to divide the living room up to create two functional yet beautiful spaces.

The front of the room became the entry. The existing bay window was transformed into the front door with an elegant entry stoop beyond. The interior of the new entry was filled with beautiful custom made cabinetry that contains a coat closet, shoe storage, as well as drawers for soccer bags, gloves and hats.

The remaining two thirds of the living room became the music room. A fireplace was added as well as open bookshelves. Built in storage cabinets hold sheet music and other music related items. The upper portion of the cabinets have glass doors that proudly display the various stringed instruments in a humidity controlled environment.

Construction by Boyer Building
Cabinets by Steven Cabinets
Photographs by Troy Thies