Ten Mile Retreat

Designed by Paul Hannan

Ten Mile Lake holds special meaning and memories for the Owners. It is a place where he spent quality time fishing, hunting, and exploring with his parents and siblings. When property opened up on the lake, they knew that it was the right place to create new memories and opportunities for themselves and their children.

The Owners and Architect identified three major design goals they wanted their/this cabin to achieve. The first was to sit lightly on the land. Selecting the proper location on the site allowed for minimal removal of trees. The shoreline was left untouched to protect the water and to minimize the view from the lake to the cabin. The exterior colors were chosen to blend in with the natural palette of the site.

The cabin is designed for a family of four with the intent that it will later become their retirement home. This made minimizing the size while maximizing the use of the space a necessity. The open plan allows for the spaces to live bigger and accommodate larger family gatherings while the exposed structure defines the main living area and creates a level of scale and comfort.

Finally, the choice of materials, finishes, and systems contribute to the efficiency of the structure. Stained concrete floors with hydronic heating and a heat-circulating fireplace are the main heat sources. Solar gain and storage in the concrete floors add to the passive solar design. The placement of the energy efficient windows on the main level and up to the loft area maximizes natural ventilation for cooling.

In the words of the Owners, “We wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, we have an ever growing appreciation of the design and layout that makes our stay there all the more comfortable, convenient and content.”

Photographs by Troy Thies