Bradshaw – Celebration of Life Center

Designed by Tim Old

Design by Kelly R. Davis with Tim Old and David Ferguson and Carol Roggenbuck

This prototype 13,000-square-foot facility, in which to create meaningful events that celebrate life, also celebrates the environment in its use of ecologically minded materials and systems. Interiors are filled with natural light and open through walls of glass to surrounding memorial gardens—spaces for contemplation, reflection and remembrance.

General Contractor George Olsen Construction
Interior Design by Gisella Lee
Mechanical Contractor Cool Air Inc.
Landscape Design by Coen+Partners
Photographs by Troy Thies

A recently completed remodeling has added an environmentally responsible facility for bio-cremation which is the first installation of its kind in the nation within a private business. The Bradshaw family continues to provide community resources for many types of events. The bold vision for this remodeling incorporates an intimate gathering space for families to observe, or even participate in, this final of life’s journeys.

General Contractor and Interior Design by Hartman Homes, Inc.
Mechanical Contractor Cool Air Inc.
Photographs by Troy Thies