Along the Boulevard

Designed by Paul Hannan

with Katie Leaf

Situated on a beautiful site along the boulevard, overlooking the river in the capital city of St. Paul, this new home compliments its historic neighbors. The owners sought to have their home appear as if it had been a proud member of the neighborhood for many years and that it had witnessed many sunsets over the mighty Mississippi.

The attention to detail begins as you walk up to the front door, into the walnut paneled foyer, and continues throughout the home. On the main floor the arched openings to the library, living room, and dining room align connecting the distinct spaces. This alignment of thresholds creates a layered experience of craftsmanship, warmth and elegance. The inviting kitchen and family room are designed to bring the family together and connect them to the beautiful backyard living space. The upper level, separates the children’s bedrooms from the parent’s bedroom suite, giving everyone privacy while remaining in close proximity. The lower level spaces are home to the activities of an active family. Whether watching the big game or a good movie, playing board games or ping pong, or getting a good work out in the exercise room, the design accommodates it all.

The character and delight of this home is a result of the collaboration of a great team; owner, architect, interior designer, and builder. Together everyone involved helped form and bring life to a new, treasured home Along the Boulevard.

Construction by Erotas Custom Building
Interior Design by Talla Skogmo Interior Design
Photography by Susan Gilmore