Visiting Oaxaca Part 3: Impressions of the City, History, Architecture and Art

In Part One I spoke of my experiences with people. In Part Two I highlighted a few of the notable buildings, museums and a bit of history. In this final Part Three I hope to share some experiences of the art available in the area. Read More


David Wagner is a 2015 Star Tribune Home of the Month Selectee!

David Wagner has secured his latest in a series of Star Tribune Home of the Month selections. Read More

SALA Architect Wayne Branum

Visiting Oaxaca Part 2: Notable Buildings, Museums and History

In part one I spoke of my experiences with people. In part two I hope to highlight a few of the notable buildings, museums and a bit of history. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

An Architects’ Travels: Stone Once Again

Last fall, after a trip to Ireland, you may recall that I wrote in a blog post how we no longer use stone to support walls and roofs, but apply it as a thin veneer to imitate structural stone construction. Sadly we have all seen too many soul-sucking examples of counterfeit stone facades that simply don’t fool anyone. Read More

SALA Architect Michaela Mahady

“Connecting a House to the Land”

Michaela Mahady has an article in this month’s Minnesota Women’s Press Magazine. Check out Michaela’s enlightening piece, “Connecting a House to the Land” on page 41 of the online edition! Read More


Visiting Oaxaca Part 1: Impressions of the City, History and People

Normally when I travel to a place I have never been before I do some research and develop a plan for the trip. It may be very detailed or very loose, but there is some type of plan. I chose not do that this time. Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

Bathroom-Countertop Magic!

After twenty years my wife and I felt the burning need to give our bathroom an elegant overhaul. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Guest Post!: How Cabin Architecture Relates to Shaun Cassidy

We haven’t ventured into the world of guest posts very much on the SALA Blog. How that changed this week was Kristin Nilsen’s post on The Cabin Crush blog. In all the years at SALA we’ve never heard of Dale Mulfinger being compared to a 1970’s pop star, but it appears that was shortsighted of us. Read More