SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Lighting from Above: Effective Use of Residential Skylights

Movie titles from my childhood stick in my head, whether I’ve seen them or not. Heaven Can Wait was the name of a Warren Beatty movie from 1978 and for some reason the title came to mind as I was considering this post, primarily as a prefix to an architectural opportunity. Heaven can wait…but it doesn’t have to! Read More


Join us at the 2016 Lake Home and Cabin Show!


If you want to know more about cabins, we’ll be showing many from the SALA Cabin Collection and talking about more at the Lake Home and Cabin show in Minneapolis, February 19-21st! Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

Mock It Up: Building Ideas Before Use On Projects

The practice of architecture resides, a good deal of time, in the hypothetical and in anticipation. Read More


Project Sites: Getting To Know Your ‘Place’ (Repost)

KH-Project-Place-4Winter is certainly showing its true colors around Minnesota lately. Taking a break from the cold, we’re taking a warm walk around some of Katherine Hillbrand’s projects as she explains finding a sense of place on her projects from a prior post. Enjoy! Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

The Ski In – Ski Out Home

A Ski In – Ski Out home is a parcel of land from which one can ski down the mountain, pick up a lift to the top, and later in the day ski back down to their mountain home. Development parcels for Ski In – Ski Out mountain homes are premium investments which should fully capitalize on the design opportunities of apres – ski social life. Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

A Change Would Do You Good

A change would do you good. That’s right, Sheryl Crow, we think it would, too! So as we approach the 10-year anniversary of our Nordeast office location a highly engaged and collaborative team has taken on the challenge of herding the rest of us into generating ideas and feedback to improve our conference room spaces. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Return To The WEE – Ely Cabin!

This is a follow up article to Dale’s post last year about his WEE Cabin project in Ely, Minnesota. The cabin is now 99% finished, and as you can see it’s looking great. Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

When Remodeling, Try Spicing The New With The Old …An Encore

We wanted to rebroadcast this post by Eric Odor as a complimentary piece to the recent Star Tribune article about the Strange Brew project. Enjoy! Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

What Makes A Porch Cabin Special

Porches have been on my mind these days, and not just because it’s time to close my cabin porch down for the season. I got one last meal on it this past weekend looking out at autumn’s spectacular array of golden aspen and birch. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

More Than A Sum Of Its Parts

Once in a rare while, certain things come together in the design process that bring about noteworthy outcomes. Thus was the case a few years ago when a dynamic young couple invited my colleagues, Chris Meyer, Max Mahaffey, Katie Leaf and myself to design a vigorously modern home for their young family. Read More

SALA Architect Paul Buum

An 1800’s House Back On Solid Footing (Part 2)

Our Stillwater house lift is complete and thanks again to Terry Semple of Semple Building Movers, it now has a new, full height basement and structural foundation! Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Tiny, Not-So-Big, and Just Right: Smaller Homes Back on Trend

When I joined our firm in 1999—then Mulfinger, Susanka, Mahady & Partners—the firm was enjoying a flurry of “small” success. Sarah Susanka had recently published The Not-So-Big House to great fanfare and the quality-over-quantity message guided much of our work for the next decade. Read More