SALA Architect Eric Odor

When Remodeling, Try Spicing The New With The Old …An Encore

We wanted to rebroadcast this post by Eric Odor as a complimentary piece to the recent Star Tribune article about the Strange Brew project. Enjoy! Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

What Makes A Porch Cabin Special

Porches have been on my mind these days, and not just because it’s time to close my cabin porch down for the season. I got one last meal on it this past weekend looking out at autumn’s spectacular array of golden aspen and birch. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

More Than A Sum Of Its Parts

Once in a rare while, certain things come together in the design process that bring about noteworthy outcomes. Thus was the case a few years ago when a dynamic young couple invited my colleagues, Chris Meyer, Max Mahaffey, Katie Leaf and myself to design a vigorously modern home for their young family. Read More

SALA Architect Paul Buum

An 1800’s House Back On Solid Footing (Part 2)

Our Stillwater house lift is complete and thanks again to Terry Semple of Semple Building Movers, it now has a new, full height basement and structural foundation! Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Tiny, Not-So-Big, and Just Right: Smaller Homes Back on Trend

When I joined our firm in 1999—then Mulfinger, Susanka, Mahady & Partners—the firm was enjoying a flurry of “small” success. Sarah Susanka had recently published The Not-So-Big House to great fanfare and the quality-over-quantity message guided much of our work for the next decade. Read More


Whittier Net-zero House Groundbreaking September 16th!

SALA Architect Marc Sloot

September 16 from 8:00AM-4:00PM will see an unusual groundbreaking. The 107-year-old house at 2021 Harriet, (Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis) is being renovated to achieve the ‘net zero’ energy standard. A ‘net-zero’ house produces at least as much energy as it uses. Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

How Architecture Found Me

It all started with my dad.

He was a fighter pilot and an aeronautical engineer who taught me the magic of lift and the concept of flight. It spawned a visceral love of carving space in time, like a football arcing through the air to intersect a pair of outstretched arms or a ballet dancer leaping through space before sticking a perfect landing. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

Nature’s Rules of (Architecture) Engagement

I recently had the pleasure of watching an episode of Planet Earth produced by the BBC while vacationing with my grandchildren in the Adirondack Mountains. I was struck by a series of time-lapse photos of fungi growing amidst the chaos of a massive South American jungle. Read More

SALA Architect Paul Buum

To Raze (or Raise) a House

What do you do with a late 1800’s house that has sagged out of level, been neglected over time and settled into its site without a proper structural foundation? Read More

SALA Architect David Wagner

Green is the new Black: Part 4 of 4: Beauty

Through this four part series we’ve touched on sustainable design issues ranging from energy use, to materials, and to healthy environments. But an often overlooked element in sustainable design is beauty. Why is beauty important, and what makes it an element of sustainable design practice? Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

The Yurt: An Adventure In Structure And Shelter

Designing shelter is fundamental to architecture, so experiencing shelter in all its various and available forms is key to understanding structure, durability, comfort, and manipulation of experience. For this architect, it also proved to be a real adventure! Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Cabin Questions: Loons or Air Conditioning?

Cabin Life is in full swing as we Midwesterners make our weekend pilgrimage to the waters edge each weekend. As the balmy days of July are soon upon us I’m reminded of a common question I ask my cabin clients. “Do you air condition or listen to the loons?” Read More