Building at the Water’s Edge

The design of cabins at ocean sides, lake shores, and stream banks is both exhilarating and challenging and necessitates some thoughtful ideas. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

Architectural Sin Wave of the Times

While traveling in New Zealand recently, I was surprised to note the ubiquitous use of corrugated tin and steel for buildings that were both traditional and ultra modern, utilitarian and fanciful, large and small. Read More

Trends; The Modern Cabin

In the past couple of years I’ve observed a shift in the aesthetic directives some of my clients impart, as we are about to commence the design of their cabin. Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

Exploring Architecture in Virtual Reality

If you read my last blog, you’ll know how much I like walking through projects under construction. Lately at SALA, we’ve been walking through them even earlier, before anyone’s even picked up a hammer! Yes that’s right—we’re getting into VR! Read More

SALA Architect Paul Hannan

Essentials Of An Architect: Listening To Your Clients

As an architect specializing in residential architecture, I am quite aware of how good design can have an impact on my client’s lifestyle. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Join us at the 2018 Lake Home and Cabin Show!

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger
Meet with the SALA Architects team and discover the boundless possibilities of retreat homes! We’ll be sharing our favorite cabin designs at the Lake Home and Cabin show in Minneapolis, February 23-25th! Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

Making A Client’s House THEIR Home (Repost)

The Clients
My clients came to me not out of distress, but with an inkling that spatially there was more to be unearthed in their newly purchased home. Read More

SALA Architect Caitlin Dippo

Wee-ely Cabin: A Weekend Off The Grid Following Dale’s Map Into Cabin Country!

SALA Architect Caitlin Dippo

Earlier this year Caitlin and I visited one of my favorite SALA cabins, the Wee-Cabin designed by Dale Mulfinger and built by the Wee Cabin Company. Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Architecture Matters: Design and Civility In The Coming Year

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

A few things became clear to me in 2017. Language matters. Facts matter. Intentions matter. Respect matters. Read More

My Annual Holiday Return To My Former Clients

I’m returning to the Davis house in Edina for their annual holiday party! Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

Why Are Job Site Visits Important?: Watching Models Become Reality

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the excavators are roaring. It’s one of the best kinds of work days: a job site visit! Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

Closing Up The Cabin …..Without The Commute (Repost)

About eight years ago my wife and I were shopping for a lake cabin somewhere close by, since we weren’t too keen on the prospect of long weekend commutes, when my wife came up with the brilliant idea of eliminating the commute altogether. Read More