Construction Administration (What is that?)

One of the great things about being an architect is the variety in our work. This comes not only from the types of projects themselves (in the world of custom residential architecture each project is truly unique!), but also the different phases a project goes through. I’m currently finding myself in a moment where I have many projects that are under construction. It is exciting to see things beginning to take shape, but it also represents a different kind of work. So how can architects benefit a project during construction?

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

Here are some examples:

1. One of our most important tasks in this phase of a project is reviewing critical submittals to ensure consistency with the design and help avoid mistakes. The big ones here are truss shop drawings, the window order, and cabinet shop drawings. We can check on dimensions and sizes to make sure everything is correct- it definitely doesn’t hurt to have another pair of eyes when large orders are being placed.

SALA Architect Katie Leaf SALA Architect Katie Leaf

2. We assist with additional selections during this time. While projects can vary as to when things like tile, plumbing fixtures, and lighting are chosen, these types of selections sometimes wait until after the construction drawings are finished since they aren’t needed until later.

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

3. Many builders appreciate having someone to call with questions, run by possible alternate materials, or to examine tricky situations with.
SALA Architect Katie Leaf4. We help to solve problems that arise or address unforeseen conditions with additional clarifying drawings.

SALA Architect Katie Leaf5. Our involvement ensures that someone familiar with the design intent of the drawings is aiding in interpreting them. After all your hard work designing the project of your dreams, it is worth it to ensure that this effort is realized in the final execution of the design.
SALA Architect Katie LeafAbove all, we are your representative during this process. We look out for your interests as the work unfolds, and contribute to a smoother construction phase. Even with the best laid plans, construction can be full of surprises.
SALA Architect Katie LeafFor us, construction administration can mean that we’re never quite sure what might come up in a day. There might be drawing to do, but there will also be many more phone calls and emails, site visits (both hot and cold), reviewing orders to be placed, researching products, talking with lumber yards, creating mock-ups, and more! One thing is for certain- there is never a dull moment during construction administration.
SALA Architect Katie Leaf SALA Architect Katie Leaf