Birch Island Redux

Designed by Bryan Anderson

with Nate Ehrlich, Ben dose and Dale Mulfinger

This addition and renovation to an original Dale Mulfinger design, circa 1999, responded to the needs of a family that had grown in the intervening decades. Revisiting drawings drafted by now-principal Bryan Anderson in his first year with the firm provided reflection on how families, priorities, and opportunities change with time.

After decades of use, project goals now focused on creating space for new generations and increasing visual and physical connectivity to the forested site. Expanding the gathering areas without reducing daylight and view required a deft connection between existing structures and new. Borrowing from the low slope of the lakeside shed dormer, new additions on three sides are capped by low-slope metal roofs that extend, like wings, from a central ridge over a new sunroom towards the relocated kitchen and a private porch on opposite sides. On the interior, circulation radiates from the two-story central hearth and surfaces glow in cedar and oak. The result increases gathering space and connection, opens access and views to the site, and celebrates warmth and family at the center of it all.

Construction by Peterson Construction
Interior Design by Hanson Nobles Wunderlich Interior Design
Photographs by Troy Thies