81 Minutes

Designed by David O’Brien Wagner

with Bluestem Heritage Group and Browntown Design

This national-award-winning exhibit showcases the rescue efforts of firefighters in the immediate aftermath of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse. Through dramatic photos and the personal stories of the firefighters, it closely examines the extraordinary 81-minute rescue operation from the first call to dispatchers to the moment the last survivor was cleared from the bridge.

“The 81 MINUTES exhibit is both a historical exploration of a significant event in the life of this community and a tribute to the heroic rescue work performed that day,” said Jean Kidd, trustee of the Firefighters Hall & Museum and an active Minneapolis firefighter. “Anyone who remembers that day will find meaning in reliving the events through the eyes of its rescuers.”

The museum is located at 664 22nd Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis 55418.For more information visit www.firehallmuseum.org.

Corporate sponsors: Star Tribune, BNSF Railway, and the Hubbard Family Foundation