Loon’s Nest

Designed by David O’Brien Wagner

Built as a resting place between cabin and shore, this standalone screen shelter provides refuge from the sun, passing rain showers, and bugs. The shelter also acts as a platform to view the small island where loons nest each summer.

The owner’s 1920’s era log cabin is situated high on the hillside above. From there, a shady, wooded path runs down through tall pines, past Loon’s Nest, and to the lake’s edge. Modest materials, and a simple roofline harmonize with the forest edge and help the structure nestle unassumingly into its shoreline setting.

Photographs by Peter Bastianeli-Kerze

Architecture Minnesota, May/June 2007
Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, August 2007
StarTribune, December 2006

National AIA Small Projects Award, 2007
AIA Minnesota/Mpls.St.Paul Magazine RAVE Award, 2007
AIA Minnesota Honor Award, 2006