Designed by David O’Brien Wagner

Set within a stand of pine trees, Pine/Cone is a simple wooden vessel beckoning visitors to explore. As one approaches Pine/Cone, defined pathways are absent. Instead, a uniform carpet of pine needles allows each visitor to define his or her own course through and among the trees toward the mysterious floating box. Drawing closer, one sees entries appear on opposite sides of the box, leading to the discovery of a surprising yet contemplative space hidden within.

The Arboretum exhibit theme, “Human/Nature,” required submissions to explore the relationships between natural environments and people’s response to and understanding of those environments. Through built-form, Pine/Cone explores our connection with nature by contrasting natural and human-made elements (pine trees and milled lumber), by framing views of nature through various apertures (doorways, ceiling and reflecting basin) and by encouraging visitors to sit, linger and meditate within a comfortable, quiet space.

Construction by Mike Otto Construction and SALA Architects
Photographs by Peter Bastianelli-Kerze

National AIA Small Projects Award, 2008

Architecture MN, March/April 2009
Twin Cities Business Journal, December 2008
AIA Small Project Practitioners Journal #42, June 2008
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