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Designed by Eric Odor

with Sara Whicher

We never much liked Dutch Colonials, but in 1990 we found one with maple floors and 10-foot ceilings and made an offer on the spot. With the realization that we could remove virtually every wall on the first floor, we quit work and gutted all 1,200 square feet inside of a month. It took us years to put it back together. This past year we hired a contractor to add an orchid room, a potting shed, a new garage and a 10-foot by 33-foot screen porch that floats. We used green materials such as fiberboard and corrugated metal siding, as well as high fly-ash concrete, and we farm the flat roof between the “barn” and the “granary.”

Water Management:
Rain chains
Rain barrels
Rain gardens
Roof gardens
French drains
Holding tanks

2010 Home of the Month Award

Construction by Knutson Custom Remodeling
Structural Engineering by ArchiStructures
Landscape Design by Grateful Beds
Photographs by Troy Thies