Carroll Street Kitchen

Designed by Jody McGuire

with Aaron Amosson as Studio8

For design savvy clients who love to cook and had been suffering in a jumbled galley kitchen, this renovation dramatically increased their quality of life. To attach the kitchen to the social space of the apartment, we removed a wall and the galley plan changed to an “L” plus an island. This new arrangement also allows for a much easier flow to the roof deck. While we didn’t add any square footage, the apartment feels remarkably larger.

The material palette maintains yet modernizes the feel of the space. The base cabinets and the short leg of the “L” are walnut, while the upper cabinets are white and backsplash stainless steel. These white materials visually recede to provide an illusion of depth and a feeling of serenity to the room.

Photographs by Jody McGuire