Climate Specific Design

Nothing informs our actions and intentions quite like experience. Touch a hot pan on the stove and you’re unlikely to do it again. Savor a delicious flavor you never imagined and expect to try another. We learn from what works and are best to avoid what doesn’t. Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

Building A New Old House

I recently visited the construction site of a new family home which I had the privilege of working on with Paul Hannan. One of the things I like most about this project is that, despite the fact that it is literally being built in front of my eyes, it embodies the character of an old house. Read More

SALA Architect Katherine Hillbrand

Lakeside Retreat…. But Is It A Cabin?

We have a great love affair with cabins in this country. My colleague, Dale Mulfinger and others have written about and documented many examples of this treasured American icon. Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

Closing Up The Cabin …..Without The Commute (Repost)

About eight years ago my wife and I were shopping for a lake cabin somewhere close by, since we weren’t too keen on the prospect of long weekend commutes, when my wife came up with the brilliant idea of eliminating the commute altogether. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Featured Cabin: Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher cabin began with my friend Mark Ludlow suggesting that he sought a vertical cabin design for an interior site location at his island resort on Lake Vermillion. He didn’t want to crowd the cabins that had evolved on the perimeter of the island, but perceived there to be a good site for a tall cabin overlooking those at the perimeter with a view up the lake. Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

East Meets West On An Architect’s Travels To Turkey

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about exploring the iconic architecture of ancient Greece on a recent trip overseas. The culmination of that trip took us to the edge of Asia on a whirlwind visit to Istanbul Read More

Stone, Steel & Wood

A project of mine on the upcoming Homes By Architects Tour exemplifies an elemental material palette of stone, steel and wood that I like to employ. Read More

SALA Architects on the 2016 Homes By Architects Tour!

It’s time to begin planning your route for the 2016 Homes By Architects Tour September 17th and 18th! SALA Architects is pleased to be showcasing two homes this year by Eric Odor and Marc Sloot! Read More

How Do You Begin A Cabin Addition Design? Start With The Roof!

“I can fit a lot of good plans under a good roof …but not necessarily a good roof on a good plan.” Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

A Greek Odyssey: An Architectural Look Back In Time

My most recent travels took me to a new corner of the world: the eastern Mediterranean. I had long wanted to visit Greece; having worked for several years at a local Greek restaurant, I couldn’t wait to order everything the Greek tavernas had to offer! Read More

“Square Peg In A Round Hole?” A Tale In Log Framing

I recently received a call from a lovely couple for which I had done a little design work 23 years ago. Their call made me marvel at the lasting impact of my minimal service so long ago. Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Food for Thought: An Architect’s Own Kitchen Solution

When my partner Scott and I bought our charming little bungalow in the fall of 2012 I was immediately sketching possibilities—a little bump out here, a brise-soleil there. However modest, these ideas were always about addition. Read More