“Square Peg In A Round Hole?” A Tale In Log Framing

I recently received a call from a lovely couple for which I had done a little design work 23 years ago. Their call made me marvel at the lasting impact of my minimal service so long ago. Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

Food for Thought: An Architect’s Own Kitchen Solution

When my partner Scott and I bought our charming little bungalow in the fall of 2012 I was immediately sketching possibilities—a little bump out here, a brise-soleil there. However modest, these ideas were always about addition. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

A Cabinologist Invention: The Gin & Tonic Deck Rail! (Repost)

The Fourth of July holiday is upon us once again this weekend. We thought it was a perfect time to dig out one of our favorite posts from The Cabinologist as everyone embarks to their favorite getaways. Even though it technically is the Gin & Tonic Rail, all libations are welcome. What favorite drink will you have on the deck rail this weekend? Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

You’re going where for spring break? Architecture Road Trip!

Sometimes friends find my vacation plans unusual, but as an aspiring architect I often plan vacations around buildings that I want to see. With my husband convinced by promises of barbecue and the prospect of hiking and camping in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, we set off on a brief jaunt down to Missouri and Arkansas for spring break this year. Read More

SALA Architect Eric Odor

Detailed Dissonance

In every design problem there comes a time when something just isn’t harmonizing with the rest, a distracting dissonance that won’t blend in and insists on being that problem child with a voice. My first inclination is always to reason with it and try to change in a way to make it work, but typically I’ve tried all of that already which is why I’m still in the dilemma that I’m in. Read More

SALA Architect Dale Mulfinger

Sweet Dreams At The Cabin

Sleeping at the cabin has often been a memorable experience, particularly for children. They’re often asked to sleep in the bunk room with their cousins, or on the screen porch on an impromptu bed set up near the wood stove. But for the child in all of us it’s fun to present some unique sleeping experience at the cabin. Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

Architecture on the Run

Here at SALA we have a few runners in the office (whom I like to call the SALA Run Team). Everyone enjoys running for different reasons, whether it be fitness, goal setting, or just some time to clear their head. So what does an architect think about when they’re on the run? They look at the architecture in South Minneapolis, of course! Read More

SALA Architect Bryan Anderson

People, Place And Purpose: Finding Value In Architecture

This week I had the privilege of joining three distinguished and entertaining architects as part of a panel discussion for the StarTribune and AIA Minnesota Home of the Month presentation. (Thanks to my new friends and fellow panelists Beth Reader, FAIA, Gar Hargens, AIA, Michael Roehr, AIA, and the always-exceptional staff of AIA Minnesota!) As panelists, we were asked to focus our comments on the “value” of hiring an architect and current trends. Read More

SALA Architect Katie Leaf

A Look Inside the Lake Superior Design Retreat

On a recent weekend, a colleague and I headed up to Duluth to attend a unique event: the Lake Superior Design Retreat. Organized by AIA Minnesota, the event is geared not only toward architects, but reaches all the far corners of design and explores how we can relate to and be inspired by designers from different disciplines. Read More

SALA Architect Wayne Branum

Adding Or Planning For A Future Multi-Purpose Space To Your Home

About nine years ago I was designing what was likely going be the only house I will build for myself. It was fun in many ways, but being your own client can have some drawbacks as well as positives. Read More

Putting the ‘Zero’ into Net-Zero

7 ½ inches– that’s the amount of insulation being wrapped around the exterior of a 109-year-old house in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. Read More